St. Cecilia's Mission Statement

United by our membership in the Church of Saint Cecilia Parish, we envision ourselves as a community of lay people and religious who draws its life from God. We look to the Holy Spirit, our source of wisdom, to lead individuals in sharing their gifts and talents for the benefit of the community. Our diversity of cultures, languages and spirituality serve to enrich us.

We envision ourselves as a sacramental people, called in baptism; strengthened in confirmation; united and nourished through the Eucharist; made one in Christ by his life giving sacraments.

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Pastoral Team
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Catholic Charities/Parish Services
Business Manager
Rev. Peter Mushi, A.J.
Jose Jimenez
Ms. Nelly Diaz
Jose Colon
Phone: 212.534.1350
Maritza Quiroz
Office Assistant
Fax: 212.548.1312
Phone: 212.348.0488
Mr. Jubencio Diaz
Fax: 212.876-1827
Office of Religious Education
Resident Priests
Ann Scott
Ms. Gina Brillantes
Rev. Chrisanth Mugasha, A.J.
Iris Spada
Ref. Francis Iroot, A.J.


- English
- Español
Pastoral Team
Pastor - Rev. Peter Mushi, A.J.
Deacon - Jose Hernandez
Resident Priests
Rev. Chrisanth Mugasha, A.J.
Rev. Francis Iroot, A.J.
Office of Religious Education
Ms. Gina Brillantes
Tel. 212.534.1350 - Fax: 212.410.6177
Manager - Ms. Nelly Diaz
Office Assistant- Mr. Jubencio Diaz



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  • Monday/Lunes - Friday/Viernes
  • 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Noon)
  • 01:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Saturday/Sábados
  • 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM.(Noon)
  • Sunday
  • Office Closed


The Parish Community of Saint Cecilia

Church 120 East 106th St.
Parish 125 East 105th St.
Zip Code New York, NY 10029
Phone 212.534.1350